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The AdExGroup

Available in version > 0.5

The AdExGroup is a NeuronGroup which implements the Adaptive Exponential Integrate and Fire neuron model as proposed by Brette and Gerstner (2005).

The AdEx model has three main extensions over a traditional leaky integrate and fire neuron model as documented in the original paper:

  • The use of exponential integrate and fire neurons allos replacement of the strict voltage threshold by a more realistic smooth spike initiation zone.
  • The addition of a second variable allows inclusion of subthreshold resonances.
  • A change in simulation paradign from current injection to conductance injection allows moving the integrate and fire model scloser to a situation that cortical neurons would experience in vivo.

The default set of parameters used in Auryn set the model up to exhibit regular tonic firing. For more information on parameters, please refer to Naud et al. (2008). A beginners introduction to the model can be found here on Scholarpedia.

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