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PoissonGroup is a SpikingGroup that implements n independent homogenous Poisson neurons spiking at a given and generally fixed rate. It is the standard way of adding noise into any network implemented in Auryn.

If you are looking for Poisson generated spikes with changing rates or a spatio-temporal correlation structure see also: FileModulatedPoissonGroup, CorrelatedPoissonGroup and StimulusGroup.

Nota bene: All PoissonGroups share the same random number generator which is seeded by default the same for each run of a simulation. To create differnt runs it has to be seeded randomly using the seed function.


PoissonGroup(NeuronID n, AurynDouble rate=5. );

n gives the desired size of the PoissonGroup and rate fixes the mean firing rate in Hertz.

To seed the random number generator shared by all PoissonGroups the function seed(int s) has to be called. Rate changes can be implemented by calling the method set_rate(rate) where rate is given in Hertz. Regular re-setting of the rate will impair the performance of the PoissonGroup.

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