We are very grateful to the diverse funders to keep our research running. Currently, my group at the FMI receives generous support from the Novartis Research Foundation.

Moreover, I am very grateful to the various funding bodies that have supported me throughout my career and allowed me to pursue my scientific interests.

During my PhD I received funding as a Marie Curie fellow. Specifically, I was supported by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Program under grant agreement no. 237955 (FACETS-ITN), 269921 (BrainScales), and the European Research Council under grant agreement no. 268689 (MultiRules).

During my post-doc, I was initially supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) with a mobility fellowship that enabled me to work in Surya Ganguli’s lab at Stanford.

Moreover, I was supported by the Wellcome Trust as a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow during my time at Stanford and in the Vogels lab in Oxford.