Friedemann Zenke, PhD
Principal Investigator

Manvi Agarwal, PhD student (starting July 2021)
MSc in Artificial Intelligence, University of Groningen (NL), and BA in History, Presidency University (IN). I’m interested in how spike-based, energy-efficient models of computation can be designed and trained to robustly produce interesting behavior.

Julia Gygax, Intern
BSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, ETHZ. Currently MSc student in Biomedical Engineering at ETHZ. I am interested in how concepts of biological neural networks can be applied to artificial neural networks and in training of spiking neural networks.

Manu Srinath Halvagal, PhD student
M.Sc, Microengineering with a minor in Computational Neuroscience, EPFL (CH) and B.Tech, Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras (IN). I am interested in the mechanisms of unsupervised and self-supervised perceptual learning in networks of biological neurons, and the role of top-down connections therein. I am also interested in exploring whether we could use these principles to improve machine learning algorithms.

Julian Rossbroich, PhD student
Joint MSc in Neuroscience from Université Laval (CA) and Université de Bordeaux (FR). My main interest concerns the neuronal signatures of learning and memory. Specifically, I am interested in how cortical circuits compute predictions of sensory inputs, and how such predictive processing is involved in learning and plasticity.

Collaborators and external students

Benjamin Cramer, PhD student
with Karlheinz Meier and Johannes Schemmel
Kirchhoff Institute of Physics, University of Heidelberg.

Sebastian Billaudelle, PhD student
with Karlheinz Meier and Johannes Schemmel
Kirchhoff Institute of Physics, University of Heidelberg.

Claire Meissner-Bernard, Post-doc
with Rainer Friedrich, FMI.

Luke Taylor, PhD student
co-advised with Nicol Harper and Andy King, University of Oxford.
MSc Neuroscience (Oxford), BSc Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (UCT). I am interested in training spiking neural networks and exploring their applicability to studying the brain.


Yue Kris Wu
MSc from the Technical University of Munich. I am interested in network dynamics and nonlinear cortical computations.

Tianlin Liu
BSc Math and MSc Data Engineering, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. I am interested in the mechanistic underpinnings of neural computation — how do real biological systems compute and how can we mimic their functionality using computer algorithms. My webpage is

Matthias Depoortere, Summer Intern 2020
MSc neuroscience student at the University of Freiburg. I’m interested in applying machine learning techniques to neural circuit data to dissect their internal function and in applying these insights to build data-driven models.