Friedemann Zenke, PhD
Principal Investigator

Tianlin Liu
BSc Math and MSc Data Engineering, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. I am interested in the mechanistic underpinnings of neural computation — how do real biological systems compute and how can we mimic their functionality using computer algorithms. My webpage is

Julian Rossbroich
Joint MSc in Neuroscience from Université Laval (CA) and Université de Bordeaux (FR). My main interest concerns the neuronal signatures of learning and memory. Specifically, I am interested in how cortical circuits compute predictions of sensory inputs, and how such predictive processing is involved in learning and plasticity.

Yue Wu
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Technical University of Munich, Germany. I am interested in how learning, neural dynamics, and network structure are affected by the interactions of diverse forms of plasticity operating on different time scales.

External collaborators

Benjamin Cramer
with Karlheinz Meier and Johannes Schemmel
Kirchhoff Institute of Physics
University of Heidelberg