Writing neuron models in Auryn …

… just got a lot easier with the new AurynVector class.

Because Auryn originally used GSL vectors (which predates C++) it was still using non object oriented syntax for vector data types internally. That made writing code for new neuron models particularly ugly and also hard to read. People who were struggling with this will be happy to hear that this now just got a little easier.

In the current development version of Auryn’s code I re-factored the central vector data type (auryn_vector_float) to a class template type AurynVectorFloat which now brings its own constructor and methods to manipulate it. I was also happy to see that performance was not notably affected by the change. In time I might even be able to drop the explicit use of SIMD instructions. For the new code the current GNU C++ compiler detects automatically where its use is advantageous. The old legacy code will still remain in Auryn’s code base for a while for backward compatibility. For details see



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