A tactile robotic finger tip and a spiking neural network read Braille

This fun project started as a summer student project at Telluride 2021 led and advised by Chiara Bartolozzi and myself. An incredibly motivated group of summer students taught a robotic fingertip with tactile sensors and a downstream spiking network how to read Braille letters, ultimately leading to a nice new benchmark dataset and this publication:

Müller-Cleve, S.F., Fra, V., Khacef, L., Pequeño-Zurro, A., Klepatsch, D., Forno, E., Ivanovich, D.G., Rastogi, S., Urgese, G., Zenke, F., et al. (2022). Braille letter reading: A benchmark for spatio-temporal pattern recognition on neuromorphic hardware. Frontiers in Neuroscience 16.